Yebomama is midwife Johanna

johanna sarlio nieminen

I offer wide range of multilingual midwifery services in the capital city region of Helsinki.

For me midwifery means walking supportively along the pregnant, birthing and newly-birthed woman and her partner and family. Get to know me better and read my story.

The aim of my practice is thus to support the things you find important in your pregnancy, birth and after-birth life.

During first pregnancy the preparations for a new phase of life and the experience of birth become central. After birth issues concerning breastfeeding and baby-care may also need extra support.

Women travelling through their second, third or fourth pregnancy are already experienced in birth and motherhood, but may still want assistance in re-settling into the birthing mode amidst the daily buzz. Should you choose to return home only hours after your hospital birth, daily midwife-visits might make the transition and after-birth-life smoother.

Yebomama offers your kind of midwifery services through:

Contact me when you need a midwife of your own!

Preparing for Birth

Preparing for birth makes it active! Healthy eating, plenty of fresh water and air, walking and moving about, active daily breathing and relaxation practices and observing the progress of your pregnancy with your partner and ‘neuvola’-midwife are part of preparations leading to active and empowering birth.

It is good to hear positive birth stories and different ways of active birth travelling from friends and relatives. It is also good to protect yourself from unnecessary negativism as brave attitude and trust in your abilities to birth takes you long way when it is time.

Birth related worries – maybe those linked with the unknown or worries of the past experiences – are good to air and process now while also creating images of yourself as a brave, upright, mobile, well-breathing and singing birther.

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